Just a Reminder of How Powerful You Are
This was written for a very special young adult in my life. It is a reminder that our soul mission is to learn the lessons and apply them in a way that serves this journey, that we are on. To help the...
Top of the Mountain
World Disrupted.... ****UPDATE****
What a beautiful turn of events… We left off with me running away like a little girl that was completely snapped back to not belonging. We talked about how I used the tools in my emotional toolbox to navigate...
april 29
World Disrupted.. Or Was It?
It is 60 out today and no clouds in the sky. This obviously means sunbathing weather. So, I got all comphie, laid out my blanket, turned on a peaceful meditation and began to drift. Funny enough the meditation...
Happy Birthday to Me
50. 5.0… sounds a little better, it is like “New and Improved” …  5 decades around the sun and full of learned experiences, so the story goes. I am one day into this beautiful round number and so...
Two Different Laundromats
TWO DIFFERENT LAUNDROMATSTwo very different experiences 1: Fargo ND2: Golden CO In the first one, it was April 2, 2023 and I was broken. I was instantly transported back to a time when life was not...
Dance in the Ebbs & Flow of Love
Some days you wake up with more love in your heart than you went to bed with. You wake up calmer. Your mind is clear. Your body moves more fluid and your soul is ready to give and receive.On days like...
Embrace the Difference…Cover in LOVE.
Do you ever feel that you need to unzip your skin and allow your soul to flood out and blanket the earth with love and kindness? The other day I was driving down the road and I was physically nauseous,...
Our Young Adults and How F*ing Amazing They Are
Our Young Adults and How Fu*king Amazing They AreI had a conversation today w a young lady who I am so proud of. Sometimes you meet someone and feel an instant connection. A connection is not based on...
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