World Disrupted.. Or Was It?

It is 60 out today and no clouds in the sky. This obviously means sunbathing weather. So, I got all comphie, laid out my blanket, turned on a peaceful meditation and began to drift. Funny enough the meditation was on releasing old trauma, this will be important in a minute. I was about 15 minutes in, and I could feel my body becoming one with the earth. The sound of the crickets went away, the buzz of the little bees faded. I could feel the breeze on my skin almost become rhythmic with my breath.

Then my world became disrupted.

The sound of gravel being crushed under tires snapped me out of this blissful moment of becoming one with mother nature, and ultimately my higher self.

I am secluded on 70 acres in the middle of the Colorado Mountains. Why do I feel so disrupted? I open my eyes and break my state of oneness. 

There is a beautiful GSP running around, I look up and I am nose to nose with what I believe to be a Belgian Malinois, then greeted with a little forehead bump and a boop before he went running off.

The human belonging to these beautiful pups came over and had some questions for me, rightfully so. I am sitting on her friends property. Once we exchanged who we are and why we are both there, she went on her way and I scurried inside my camper.

Why? Why did I run away so quickly? Why do I feel that I cannot share this amazing space? Almost like I was doing something wrong by being here. Was It the “What are you doing here?” question I was greeted with? Or was it past trauma of never feeling like I fit in, that immediately showed up? Que the meditation I began listening to.

I went inside, and crawled into bed. Yup, completely recoiled, I began to hear my inner voice say, “What the fuck are you doing?, It is absolutely AMAZING outside, and you are allowing someone who does not have any impact on your self or wellbeing influence your healing and your day. “

True, so what was I doing? I got up, threw on some pants, grabbed my computer and here we are. As I write I am in a higher state, I put myself here so I can be present in the moment.

(switching gears a little because something amazing just broke my state and caught my attention…)

…..Oh My goodness, about 12 deer went prancing through the yard about 30 feet in front of me just now. Thank you, Universe, for getting me back out here in time to witness, what I am learning will never get old… the beauty of your creations. Was my world disrupted? Or was I just forced to see what needs to be released?

We are forever growing and being shown what we need to work on, if we pay attention to our inner voice, our intuition, we can jump on those opportunities to improve ourselves. I very easily could have just been a little upset that my serene space was disrupted and asked a million questions. But I chose otherwise. I chose to look at myself.

When I write it is a beautiful way for me to process my thoughts. When I Deep Stream, it allows me to write as my higher self, to pull the lessons that I need. And when I jump on my Time Line I can release almost instantly what arises. Learning these methods has changed my life.

I no longer have my days paralyzed by my past, I live in the moments and learn from the disruptions.

If you would like to learn how to do this, to quickly release moments that my stop you in your tracks or disrupt your day, I can help you.



If you feel called to work with me and would like to set up a discovery call, let me know.



I look forward to helping you live a life with Balanced and Raw Emotions.

Live and Love BARE!

~Ashlie Nem
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