World Disrupted…. ****UPDATE****

What a beautiful turn of events… We left off with me running away like a little girl that was completely snapped back to not belonging. We talked about how I used the tools in my emotional toolbox to navigate through my feelings and return outside.

(If you Have not read that post, please do so)

So, now, here is the UPDATE!

When I finished posting, I was starving, all that work takes a bit out of you… so I went inside, lit some incense, put on some music and make a big bowl of broccoli.. (shhhhhh I know! I know!) anyway…

As I was sitting down to eat I heard the pitter patter of puppy feet, I went outside to give the pets and there was a gentleman standing there, he smiled and introduced himself.

“You were sunbathing when we pulled up? Yes?”

“Yes, it is absolutely perfect out!”

“I thought so, I did not want to come over, thought maybe it would have been inappropriate.”

….. our conversation continued and his hiking partner came around the corner. I still was not getting the warm fuzzies, but this time I was holding fast and in my space. I directed all my questions towards her, I was determined to have a conversation that would bring a smile.

I found myself building rapport and asking the right questions, watching her body language and listening to her words I began to understand where she was coming from.

A few moments later I was sitting on the gravel having a beautiful conversation about life and everyone’s dreams… they had some well-deserved pizza and beer after their hike and I played with the pups.

I learned even more about both of their journeys, some beautiful stories and some harder heart felt ones.

About an hour or so went by and they had to go. As they loaded up, I was offered a beautiful hug good-by along with, “I look forward to seeing you again.”

I watched them drive away with so much gratitude and appreciation in my heart.

As I ate my broccoli, I reflected on how much had shifted for everyone that day, all because I stood strong and did not run away. I used my emotional tools and stood in confidence of myself.

Think for a moment, now knowing the full story how this could have gone differently had I not done the work.

Live & Love BARE

~Ashlie Nem

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