Services Offered

Body Honoring Sculpture Art

Beauty Stands Timeless when the Soul is All You Can See.


When I am working with my clients, I can say that there is not much that is more beautiful than watching them come alive in their own skin.  This process is more than a piece of art, It is YOU, it is you in the rawest form.


Putting into words how special this process is has always been hard for me as it take on different forms with each client. Because of my background in art, healing and coaching the sessions take on a life of their own depending on your needs. What is consistent is the love, acceptance and healing that comes from the finished piece.

Coaching and Mentorship

Life is not simple and sometimes we need a little help to understand the answers are with in us. Having someone in your corner, bringing out what you are capable of is powerful for you to expand.  

Do you have a goal that you are finding hard to obtain or place into action? Do you have self-limiting beliefs holding you back from the life you know you are meant to live, or just need a little direction?

I can help you. I have been a coach and mentor for over 5 years.  I am a board certified Drugless Practitioner, as well as being certified in hypno therapy, success coaching, deep streaming and NLP.

If you feel that I can help you or if you have some questions, I would like to hear from you.


I designed these travel inspired journals because I was looking for something that prompted my creativity as well as document my meditations.

I invite, and hopefully inspire you to use them to journal, brain dump or just map out your day. On the watermark pages, draw, doodle or continue your writing. Make these your own in anyway you choose. 

The journals are both the same inside and come in either hard or soft cover, they are 5.5″ x 8.5″ and 108 pages. 

Below are a few sample pages, the watermarked pages alternate with lined pages, and if you are looking for inspiration or prompts, head on over to the Journaling tab.. I’ll see you there!

Activity Book

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