Just a Reminder of How Powerful You Are

This was written for a very special young adult in my life. It is a reminder that our soul mission is to learn the lessons and apply them in a way that serves this journey, that we are on. To help the growth of humanity and heal the Earth .

Allow your body to grow and shed.


Let go all that does not serve you.


Sit with nature, ground into the Earth, become one again with the energy of the Universe and protection of Mother Earth.


You are energy, you ebb n flow like the tides in the ocean, you grow strong and steadfast, like the trees.


Move with the Earth and the rhythm of life, breath and release, allow the rain that comes from your eyes to cleanse the mud from your soul that no longer belongs to you.


Bring the light that it was covering back into your heart, let it shine though your eyes so that you may see all the beauty that lies before you.


Walk light my love, for this world is yours, this journey is what you make it, what is already written for you. 

You just have to follow the signs, desires and dreams.


It was just buried below lessons that needed to be felt during this Soul mission.


Take the lessons and make them strength.


Your heart and soul is waiting for you.

May You Live & Love BARE

~Live a life with Balanced and Raw Emotions.

~Ashlie Nem
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