As I sit in this café after being on the road for so long, I find myself needing community.  Needing the knowing that I will be surrounded by likeminded individuals. I have always been ok being alone.  I enjoy my company, my narrative, my quiet moments. Yet, there is a void of energy that you receive from the energic hum of another person.  Knowing that you are standing in the same place for a similar purpose, yet completely different reasons. Feeling the heartbeat of another penetrate the air, feed your soul and challenge your mind.

Sharing your space, intentionally.

There is a difference between being in a space with others that you do not have control over. Other people’s energy is so powerful, and unless you make a conscious effort to protect yourself, it can be incredibly draining.  We have all experienced this.  It could be at the grocery store, a working environment, even this café, (thankful for earphones).

Yes, in general you have a choice to be in that space.  I can leave this café, grocery shop another time or get a different job. But, choosing to enter a community is so different.

Finding a community that has the same values and goals is magical. Uplifting each other to become better, challenge your mind and body. Cheer you on with life’s accomplishments and comfort you when it takes a toll. Knowing that you can enter a space that values you being there.

This can look like your neighborhood mommy / parent group, yoga studio, book club, Synagogue, Church, gardening club, soup kitchen, anything that gives you the sense of belonging.

Bounce around, find one that suits you.  One that you feel fucking amazing in.  Pay attention to the way your body feels.  Do you feel empowered or drained? Supported or on guard? Take the time to find the right place for you.  Allow the sense of obligation to others to leave you.  The only obligation you have is to your wellbeing and soul.  Otherwise you are doing everyone a disservice.

Today I joined a yoga studio and instantly felt better. Standing in that space, the smells, sounds and creek of the wood floor below my feet calmed my soul. I took my time and visited a few, I walked through, spoke with people and just took up space until I found the one that did not take effort. I walked in the first time and knew.  The second time I walked in I found home.

May you always live a life with Balanced and Raw Emotions.


Ashlie Nem

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