Art Samples & Client Stories


Not just a work of art, but a piece of my soul, frozen forever. This was the best birthday gift I could ever given my husband. He was overwhelmed!



Ashlie’s work not only made me feel comfortable in my skin, But made me feel beautiful in my skin. From the moment I met her, I could tell that she was passionate about her work, and her Presence was inspirational. I am so happy with the final product, a memory my husband and I can Keep with us forever.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I contacted Ashlie to do a custom piece. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I am so happy I went through With my decision. Ashlie and I spoke ahead of time to determine what type of piece would be best For me. She came to my home with all of her supplies, was clean, courteous and made me feel Very comfortable. I would highly recommend this experience whether you are looking for a piece of art For yourself or as a gift. I can’t explain the happiness that came over me after seeing my finished piece.

Being able to have this piece hang on my wall that is so alive, is such a gift to myself. Ashlie, helped me to remember the woman I am. Working with her was a wonderful experience and highly recommended.



I am going to share a piece of Diana’s story This vibrant, courageous, outspoken, larger than life woman, is one of the bravest I have ever met. A group of her friends came together one night to honor her. Diana has breast cancer. Two days after I was with her and her tribe, she underwent A double mastectomy. The entire night I felt like a fly on the wall, just watching the magic happen. The love she was surrounded by almost paralyzed me, in a beautiful way. I just wanted to observe. I pray that when she looks at this sculpture she remembers the love and light That surrounded her that hot summer night.
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