Dance in the Ebbs & Flow of Love

Some days you wake up with more love in your heart than you went to bed with. You wake up calmer. Your mind is clear. Your body moves more fluid and your soul is ready to give and receive.
On days like this, it is a gift. However, it is not one that you should hold onto. It’s one that needs to be given away.

You are given this gift to help lift others, to bring peace to someone that may be looking for a space to feel safe. This could even be in the form of holding space for someone.
The thing about energy is that you do not need to be in the physical presence of another to uplift them. All you need to do is genuinely feel love and support for them, quietly in the space you hold.

We all dance within the ebbs and flows of life, we give and receive like waves in the ocean as it kisses the shoreline. Or the wind with the trees as it blows around it’s branches. Our energy and love for one another does the same.

Watch the world dance in love on the days you wake just a little lighter and know that this is your time to give.

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