Two Different Laundromats

Two very different experiences

1: Fargo ND
2: Golden CO

In the first one, it was April 2, 2023 and I was broken.

I was instantly transported back to a time when life was not good, 23 years ago. I had a brand new baby, my mom was coming out of being in a coma for months and had no clue who I was, I was getting divorced, I was driving a car w no ac (jeep was repoed) Neiko n I were living in a place with no furniture. I worked as a bartender so I could get a free meal at the end of shift. And this was just some of what was happening.

I remember through all of that, things were only going to get better and as long as I had my son, there was nothing that could hurt me. I found my strength in him.

As I sat in that laundromat crying, I sent a message to Neiko telling him how I was feeling. His response “Life is better now because of those times”

He was right. I sat there and refocused my perspective. My heart still hurt, and tears still came.. but I could find a smile in his response.

The second one, is right now. April 10, 2023 in Golden CO .

I could not be happier with where I sit at this moment. Life is freaking amazing. I am living out my dreams and desires.

I am watching everything I ever wanted unfold in front of me. I’m free in the way I live. I am in a relationship with someone who sees me even when times suck… cause they do sometimes. I’m on an incredible nomadic adventure. My son is thriving in his growth and career. I’m allowing myself to grow, fail, reinvent and be present in all of the moments.

I have revamped LivingBARE, it’s growing in a way that I had not thought of before. I have allowed my life to unfold without my ego getting in the way or questioning things I was drawn to.

Trusting in my own intuition. I have learned how to tap into and listen to my higher self with more appreciation and trust.

So I sit in this laundromat In Colorado pretty freaking happy remembering my sons words…

“Life is better now because of those times”


*time to fold laundry and go enjoy the day!!

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