Embrace the Difference…Cover in LOVE.
Do you ever feel that you need to unzip your skin and allow your soul to flood out and blanket the earth with love and kindness? The other day I was driving down the road and I was physically nauseous,...
Our Young Adults and How F*ing Amazing They Are
Our Young Adults and How Fu*king Amazing They AreI had a conversation today w a young lady who I am so proud of. Sometimes you meet someone and feel an instant connection. A connection is not based on...
Climb On!
Good morning first Monday of the NEW YEAR. Sitting on the balcony watching the sun come up and a cool breeze in the air. The day feels good, coming off a beautiful semi vacation, reflecting on what has...
It’s a little chilly out here this morning 60° ~ feels amazing! Crisp and clean like a fresh day with new beginnings ~change. We are only on day four of the new year and my small corner of the world...
Fear Should Never Stop You From Living
FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real Discovering who you are is a wonderful, scary, I got this, what the hell am I thinking, beautiful, wtf?, ‘ahhh haaaa’ moment… kinda process. I have gone through this...
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