Our Young Adults and How F*ing Amazing They Are

Our Young Adults and How Fu*king Amazing They Are
I had a conversation today w a young lady who I am so proud of. Sometimes you meet someone and feel an instant connection. A connection is not based on time or circumstances, it’s unexplainable. It’s a gift of universal love. She is at the age that her entire world is opening up for her and she is recognizing it, and it’s beautiful.

Loving where you stand.
Loving where you are.
Loving your skin.
Loving your purpose.
Following your heart.
Following your intuition.
Following your soul.
Following your inner peace.
Believe in what you desire.
Believe in your ability.
Believe you have the answers.
Believe that everything is within you.
Watch your life unfold.
Watch your life flourish.
Watch your mind begin to think of the unimaginable.
Watch your body attain the impossible.

Experience the awakening of your soul and true love in your heart.

Let people know you love them and are thankful for them. It’s contagious and energizing.

Watching someone come into their own is such a gift. They are sharing that most intimate
part of their being with you. Honor them with support. It is not our job or place to agree or
give opinion it is our job to love and guide or just observe.

I think often about our youth growing up in this world that we now are all adjusting to,
and I have witnessed something amazing. More and more are tapping into their own intuition
and trusting their own minds. They are following their purpose and believing in themselves.
Their dreams and desires are 100% attainable. They are learning to not succumb to society and what
their life should look like at 20, 23, 25. They are resourceful and smart. They know way more than
we give credit and it’s fucking beautiful.

I challenge you to sit down and really listen to a young adult and what their dreams and aspirations are.
Ask them questions, focus on their answers, not what you think they should sound like. Listen with total
acceptance and just watch what happens. Watch them light the fuck up because you care about their voice.
Make a difference just by listening.

I can also pretty much guarantee you will learn something too.

Live and Love BARE

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