Climb On!

Good morning first Monday of the NEW YEAR.

Sitting on the balcony watching the sun come up and a cool breeze in the air. The day feels good, coming off a beautiful semi vacation, reflecting on what has changed in a brief period of time.

My son is home for a visit and he reignited one of my very first loves.

He brought back to me the one thing that gave me strength and confidence in my 20s.
He brought me back to where I find peace and happiness.
He brought me back to a place that I respectively called my church. A place where nothing else mattered but that space, time and the people with me.

It is virtually impossible to think of anything else but the here and now. Pushing the limits of your body and mind. Not giving up, ever, but recognizing how to listen to your body, and then going just a little bit further.
Feeling ways of encouragement from your people rushing over you like wings that bring you just a little bit higher.

He brought me back to Rock Climbing. He brought a part of me back home~ Peace can be found any place.

Where do you find peace?

Where can you go and the entire world disappears around you?

What was your first love?

What is keeping you from going back to it?

Trust me, your body and mind WILL REMEMBER, it will allow you to fall right back into that passion.

It may take a little time for all the cogs to fall back into place, but they do. And when that happens, Man, it’s a beautiful feeling.

Allow yourself to go back and reignite that passion.

~Live and Love BARE

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