DEEP STREAMING ** Journaling Prompts

I am always updating this page, you are welcome to keep checking in. This section is set up for you to allow your mind to drift. Read a passage, meditate on it? Breath into it, feel it, write about it. Whatever you need to make this time yours… These come from my morning Deep Streaming meditations. Every morning I set my ego aside and allow myself to connect with my higher self. The messages are sometimes very clear and other times, I hold the message in my day to see where the lesson comes in.

If you would like to learn how to Deep Stream drop me a message, until then you are more than welcome to use mine for your journaling prompts.

If you would like to share with the LivingBARE community, send me your thoughts and I will be more than happy to post it onto the VOICE page anonymously.

May 21, '23

Believing that you are more than what you think will change your day. Waking in the same state of how you went to sleep does not have to define your day. You new day is worth more than the old you.

May 10, '23

Saying that things are meant to be one way all the time is unrealistic…
Allow yourself to shift, morph… grow! Become who you are meant to be in this lifetime……EXPAND

May 7, '23

Holding onto something for dear life when you are supposed to let it go, is a sure way of feeling continuous pain when not necessary. Give yourself permission to walk away, close a door, move on…… Feel yourself become lighter.

May 4, '23

One of the greatest gifts you can give, is your time to others. It does not need to be a lot of time, time is an illusion. * A passing smile is a speck in time. * A 5 min phone call is a moment in time. * A meal is just a passing of time….. BUT the memory of that time is a lifetime… a change in time… a shift in time. The impact is unmeasurable in time. Your time is one of the greatest gifts. Don’t underestimate your presence with another human. …. Think of this the next time you say, or think, “I don’t have the time.”

May 3, '23

You are doing the work that is needed right now. Trust in your path and intuition, for you are there. Life is compiled of a million stepping stones, the path is meant to be enjoyed. …. Look around, celebrate where you stand, the wisdom you will leave behind with others as you move along. You will not be forgotten as you grow…. so, GROW

May 1, '23

You are doing it. Don’t Stop…. All to often we get to where we are striving to go and then we… STOP. Like, OK I have arrived!! Forgetting all the wonderful experiences and explorations that happened along the way. Keep Going. Keep Doing. Keep Expanding and making your vision that much grander!

April 22. '23

Time is just a constrict, that is put upon you unnecessarily in the grand scheme of your human life. Take the moments you need to experience the things you want. Spend more time in what makes you feel good, less time in what does not. This is your human experience. 

April 19, '23

Move slow through your day, gather and enjoy the gifts of the earth.  Memories of where you have been and where you are going.  Make plans for the future, give thanks for the lessons learned and gratitude for the moment you are in. Honor the day the best you can by unwrapping the gifts of today, enjoy them before moving on to the next. 

April 18, '23

Enjoy the day and the opportunities you are given, extend both arms, open your hands and your heart. And with a soft embrace allow the abundance of goodness to fill you today.  Allow yourself to be lifted by what the Universe has instore for you. Be Open. Be Open. Be Open

Drift into Your Minds Eye

*All that does not serve you will drift away. Trust in the Devine and all that it is, all that you are awakening inside all that was quiet for so long is now coming to the forefront of your mind and allowing you to be the human your soul needs you to be in this lifetime.
*You are allowed to just be, allowed to breath. You only owe yourself happiness, no one else. You are responsible for how you interpret your day not what happens in your day. You will never see the tree in front of you the same way the person next to you does. Perception is ever changing, allow yourself to bend and flow.
*Forgiving yourself is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself. Allow yourself to go through the rollercoaster of emotions if you need. Acknowledge them, thank them for the lesson and then dismiss it. You do not need to hold onto anything that does not serve you.

Drift into Thought and Wonder


If you could make time stand still right now, what would you see, at first glance? Now. Take a breath, close your eyes and reopen, what do you see? Is there a shift in your perception of what surrounds you? Do you see less clutter in your peripheral vision? Now, take another deep breath with your eyes closed, look inward, feel inside yourself. Open your eyes. What do you see? How do you feel? Staying present in the now allows us to really connect to ourselves, not replaying the past, Not anticipating the future just enjoying the right now.

Your Future Self

How Fucking Amazing are YOU? Seriously, look at yourself! I want you to take a moment and envision yourself 5 years from now. What does that look like? I’m not asking the typical “What’s your 5 year plan?” I am talking, YOU. What do you look like? Are you taking good care of yourself now, mentally and physically? Are you doing things today that will work for or against you? Are there habits you need to get under control before they take away the person you want to be? Is it time to start being the human that you have always felt was buried below the surface, scratching to be allowed out? What will it take for you to just start, to finally listen to your intuition?

Shhhh Just Listen

Do you listen to your inner voice? Your intuitive thought? Or do you dismiss it with out any recognition that you may just want to listen? You are being guided all the time if you listen. Let’s take right now. What is the first thought that pops into your head after you finish this sentence? ______________ now take that thought and expand on it. Keep doing this until the message begins to click. Enjoy this, play with it.
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